Day 10 – Vinpearl Land, Vietnam’s Answer to Disneyland

Today is going to be a short one, both in terms of a blog post and the actual day. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do today before catching a night bus later to my next destination. The only thing that was on my list originally was some temple and ruins up north of Nha Trang, plus this scenic spot near the beach to chill and take a dip.

But after seeing the cable cars yesterday to this Vinpearl Land, I figured fk it might as well go check it out. I was about to get a day ticket from the receptionist at my hostel, which isn’t cheap at 800k dong, or bit under $50. Still cheap compared to any decent theme park in the western world though. The benefit of a more expensive entry fee relative to the average income of a family here means that most likely, the place will be pretty empty. My number 1 dislike when it comes to theme parks is the fking crowd and how you have to wait literally hours to get on a popular ride, brings back the nightmare from Tokyo Disneyland -_-. However, it is a bit sad when you think about the fact that a lot of kids would probably really want to go there, but given the average income is something like $300/month in Vietnam, most families would have to spend their entire month’s wages just to plan a trip there…

I rode my scooter down past the port where we got on the snorkeling boat yesterday to where the cable car station is. Turns out this is the world’s longest oversea cable car as well. Everything here (I’m not even on the actual resort yet), is just so much of a contrast to the area around it. It’s clean and spacious, buildings all look fancy and modern. There was a huge line at the ticket counter, so I definitely recommend buying a ticket from your hostel if you can, I think most hostels/hotels would sell them. I was about to cry at the long line to get up to the cable cars, which was cut into 2 sections, one queue on each floor while the stairs were roped off until the top floor cleared out. For some reason one of the staff opened a back door and didn’t seem to care that people just walked in to the stairs and completely dodged the queue on the first floor. Not sure if it’s he just didn’t give a shit about his job lol. Either way not an opportunity I was about to pass up so I sneaked in there too, cut down a easily 1 hour wait to little over 15 minutes 😀

I’m not surprised it was the longest oversea cable car, it took a while to get to the other side and the views were great! In the distance you can see a VINPEARL on the mountain similar to the Hollywood sign, I guess this Vietnamnese billionaire really did want to build something that copied America.

The actual park was actually very well made, everything looked like it could belong in Disneyland or Universal Studios. And I was right, the only thing missing was the crowd yay! I pretty much didn’t have to wait for most rides, and the longest it got was like 10-15 minutes. That’s pretty much UNHEARD of theme parks like Disneyland.

So when I got there, I decided to just do every decent ride as I see them. It was so good I could go twice on some of the good rides too, without even having to get off after the first ride. Talk about value for moneyyyyyyyyyy.

The first one when on your right when you get off the cable car was a fairly standard roller coaster. While it was short, it was pretty thrilling with lots of turns, drops and upside downs. Plus the lack of trust in the quality control of Vietnamnese engineering and safety standards adds an extra layer of adrenaline and fear factor to the ride! A solid start.

Next to the roller coaster is this thing, I don’t know what it’s called but I’ve seen it before and I’m sure you have too. Could never afford to go on one of these things but since it’s included in the entry pass I gave it a go. There was a white kid before me doing it but and the handler was telling him to do flips and stuff, but he was too much of a chicken to attempt them.

This was a lot more fun than I expected! Doing flips was fun but I tried to do a double and face planted lol. You have to be careful not to get too carried away, since the landing area is quite small, and you don’t want to miss it…

After those 2 there’s this…thing, again I don’t know what it’s called but with this one I have tried it before at Gold Coast. It’s just a lot of drops at various heights and speed, but it does get pretty scary when they build up the anticipation by raising you very slowly at the start.


By now you can probably see from these pictures, there’s barely anyone around…

I gotta say, this Vietnamese billionaire did a pretty good job here, everything looks and feels like a western theme park. Even down to the overpriced, shitty food they serve…

This piece of shit “pork roll” cost like $8 and is by far the most disgusting “pork roll” I’ve ever tasted, even worse than some of the pretender crap I’ve had in Sydney. I use quotation signs because this pos doesn’t even deserve to be called a pork roll. Seriously, if you’re coming here, opt for one of the restaurants serving Viet noodles and stuff because I don’t think you can fuck that up as bad. I chose poorly.

One of the star attractions of this park seems to be this kind of go cart course. Again really don’t know what it’s called and it’s actually not something I’ve seen before. This one had a legit line cuz it was the most popular, so I ended up waiting for about 45 minutes. Basically you’re in a little cart and you go down hill on a track, you can’t really move as your cart is stuck on the track, but you have a brake to control your speed.

It’s actually pretty fun, but a tip would be wait for a while after the person in front of you launches. Otherwise if you like to go speed demon you end up catching up to them and have to wait -_-

There’s a few more rides that I did but didn’t manage to get a picture of. The other half of the theme park is a big water park with lots of pretty impressive water slides. For me this was a lot of fun because I didn’t really get a chance as a kid to go to any water parks.


The only down side is if you go alone, a few of the slides can only be done in pairs and one must be done in group of 8. I managed to join other people’s group a few times but it’s a bit annoying. There’s also a lazy river where you can just get a floatie and chill on. I gotta say I was quite impressed with the sheer variety of slides here, really not something I expected in Vietnam tbh.

There’s a beach next to the park, and they’ve actually set up a giant floating obstacle course. This might’ve been my favourite park of the trip, it makes you feel like a participant in a game show. Would definitely be a lot of fun if you came in a group and challenged each other.

You must wear a life jacket, so don’t worry too much about falling off into the sea, which I did plenty of times. Only downside is it’s sea water so you’re mouth ends up being salty AF. Some of the courses are pretty challenging especially when it gets slippery, so I’d say you could easily spend an hour here and totally tire yourself out.

That pretty much sums up the park for me, there’s a few other sections I didn’t explore because they’re more designed for kids. Overall good value for money, would highly recommend it for a group as it’s not as fun going to a theme park solo.

Oh yeah, the views from the oversea cable car are great too.

Back at the hostel, I turn in my scooter and have a quick shower to get ready for a night bus at 7pm. Got a quick meal from a restaurant nearby, but my god it was bad. The chicken skewer was dry and super bland, and they sneaked in all these disgusting greens without me knowing. Just have not had any luck with food today. Got so bad I had to go back to that pork roll stand and grab one to go.

Today ends quite early, since the bus will go from 7pm all the way until 4am tomorrow morning. Again it’s one of those buses with “beds” so I get ready for a not-so-comfortable sleep in preparation for tomorrow. We did make a rest stop, where I got some knock-off Pringles as a late night snack.

Next stop, Hoi An.


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